Objections Committee

First: Formation of the Committee and its Terms of Reference

The Objections Committee is formed in accordance with the provisions of Article (17) of Law No. 33 of 64 regarding expropriation and temporary seizure for the public benefit and its amendments, which stipulate: “The objection is considered by a committee called the Objections Committee, to be formed and procedures issued by a decision of the Council of Ministers, provided that it includes one of the judges of the High Court. Also, according to the provisions of Article One of the Cabinet Resolution issued on 5/6/1977 regarding the amendment of some provisions of the Objections Committee’s system, which states: “The Objections Committee shall be formed of seven members, including an advisor to the Supreme Court of Appeal who shall have the presidency, and a judge of the High Court.” He shall be a Vice-President, and the members of the Committee shall be appointed by a decision of the Council of Ministers, provided that the representation of the competent and relevant authorities shall be taken into consideration in their appointment.
Her specialties:

((…… ​​The Objections Committee shall decide on the objections submitted to it against what is mentioned in the inventory lists and related to the expropriated real estate, its area and boundaries, the names of the owners and the owners of rights and their share in the compensation, and everyone concerned has the right to appeal these decisions before the courts (Article 4) of the decision .

The objections committee decides on the objections submitted to it on the estimation of the compensation value corresponding to the expropriation, on the basis of the prevailing prices at the time of the issuance of the expropriation decision in the area in which the expropriated property is located and the rental prices of real estate in the neighboring areas or the same at that time (Article 5 of the decision).

It also decides on priority requests submitted to it in accordance with Article (24) of Law No. (33 of 64) referred to.

Validity of its meeting:

The validity of its convening: It is valid for the committee to convene in the presence of at least five of its members, provided that among them is the president or his deputy (Article 1) of the decision. The objections committee holds its sessions at least twice a week. Another place by a decision of the Minister of Finance, provided that the concerned persons are notified of this place (Article 20) of the decision.