Department achievements

Restore the organizational structure of the Expropriation Department, in proportion to the current and future situation of the administration, to develop performance, simplify the procedure, and raise the level of national cadres.

Simplifying procedures, modifying work forms and issuing them automatically.

Organizing the administration's archive, which contains 38,000 files, and issuing a circular classifying files and documents, and the borrowing mechanism.

Organizing and restoring all financial records and valuation books (from 1947 until now).

Organizing and restoring all financial transfers, exchange notices and their historical sequence.

Developing the auditors’ reception hall, setting up special offices for the elderly and people with special needs, and providing everything necessary for the convenience of the auditors.

Issuing many different guiding and enlightening pamphlets, whether legal, administrative or technical.

Development of expropriation data system.

Issuing many circulars and administrative decisions to organize and develop work.

Establishing social, recreational and sports activities for the management’s employees to develop social communication among employees.

Issuing a quarterly magazine covering the activities of the administration and highlighting its role.

Establishing a committee to select the ideal employee, the general creator, and the distinguished department to motivate employees and achieve competition for the better.

Establishing a phone message service to follow up on the auditors to complete their transactions in the administration, and reminding the dates of the meetings of the committees working in the administration.

Issuing the legal guide to the laws and decisions of expropriation.

Honoring retired employees in appreciation of their work services.

Establishing an automated system for the public record.

Signing the management contract for the Geographical Information System (GIS) project in cooperation with the Information Center at the Ministry of Finance.

Completing the architectural and construction plan for the administration building project in the South Surra area in cooperation with the Ministry of Works and designing it according to the latest building systems (green building system).

Establishing and equipping a special library for the management of expropriation, and providing it with many books and legal, administrative and technical pamphlets, to serve the administration’s staff.

Make questionnaires to determine the level of service for the auditors.

Completion of all property claims lawsuits in cooperation with the Legal Department of Kuwait Municipality, Fatwa and Legislation in favor of the State.

Management obtaining the international quality certificate in service ISO 9001 July / 2013

The administration won the third place for the Kuwait Award for Transparency and Reform for the year 2014, which is organized by the Kuwait Transparency Society under the patronage of His Highness the Prime Minister. It also won the first place in the Auditors and Hidden References award on (53) participating government agencies.

Supervising the fifty years ceremony for the establishment of expropriation 2/11/2014 AD.

Electronic link with the credit bank. April/2015

Launching the website of the Expropriation Department. December/2015

Implementation of the electronic messaging system (G2G). January/2016

Uploading the To Whom It May Concern Certificate service on the Kuwaiti government portal. February 2017

Launching the service of electronic administration services applications on smart phones. March/2017

Create a system of training courses for the Department of Planning and Administrative Development. March/2017

Restoration and preservation of plans for expropriated real estate located in Kuwait City dating back to the fifties of the last century in cooperation with the Kuwait Research and Studies Center. June/2017