Expropriation Committee

First: Formation of the Committee and its Functions:

The Expropriation Committee for the Public Benefit is formed in accordance with the provisions of Article (5) of Law No. 33 of 64 regarding expropriation and its amendments, which states:

At the Expropriation Department for the public benefit, a committee called the “Expropriation Committee” is formed under the chairmanship of the Minister of Finance and the membership of three members of the Municipal Council, who are elected for the term of their membership, the Director of the Expropriation Department - the Director General of the Municipality, the Assistant Undersecretary for State Property Affairs, a representative of the Ministry of Planning and a representative of the administrative authority requesting expropriation .

Her specialties:

((…… ​​This committee is responsible for issuing its decision in the matter of the public interest report necessitating expropriation.. Article (5) The Expropriation Committee examines the public interest project to issue or reject the public interest decision within a month from the date of its referral to it.

The committee may request any clarifications, data or details regarding the real estate to be expropriated.

It may also, for this purpose, send a representative to enter real estate and lands whose ownership is required to be expropriated to conduct technical and survey works, and it may summon whomever it wants to discuss... Article (8) amended.

Validity of its meeting:

... The meeting of the committee is not valid except in the presence of the president and the majority of the members who make up the committee. Decisions are issued by an absolute majority of those present, and when the votes are equal, the side on which the president is present will prevail, and abstaining from voting is considered a rejection of the decision... Article (8) is amended.