Historical development

Law No. 33 of 1964 was issued regarding expropriation and temporary appropriation for the public benefit, which provides for the establishment of the Expropriation Department as an independent department affiliated with the Municipal Council. The administration is in line with the provisions of Article (18) of the Constitution of Kuwait, provided that private ownership is inviolable. No one is prevented from disposing of his property, and his property is not expropriated from anyone except for the public benefit, as stipulated in Article 1 of Law 33 of 1964 that the expropriation of real estate or Lands and their temporary seizure except for the public interest and in return for fair compensation and in accordance with the provisions of this law.
This procedure is stipulated by most of the constitutions of the countries of the world, which recommend the right of the individual to freedom of ownership and the principle of preserving private property.
Thus, we see that the constitution of the State of Kuwait reinforced the principle of the individual's right to freedom of ownership and the maintenance of private property through the provisions of the articles of the constitution and the laws of the state.
Therefore, the vision was clear and clear to those in charge of the matter. They put the urban planning of the State of Kuwait, which called for the state to take possession of private properties with the intention of implementing its public projects after valuing them and compensating their owners in a fair manner.