The right to Access to Information and the right to obtain it in various available fields for publication to advance the principle of transparency and integrity in administrative and economic transactions and combat corruption. The right to access law is a law that gives people the right to access information and decisions.


The right to access law is a law that gives people the right to view information, decisions, and public documents that affect their rights according to a form prepared for this purpose and submitted to the government agency in exchange for a nominal fee.


The right to access is the right of every person to view the information in the possession of the authorities, provided that this information is public and available for publication and is not subject to legal confidentiality, or is private to the person requesting the information, whether it is administrative decisions or documents related to him.


Every personhas the right to view and obtain information in the possession of entities in a manner that does not conflict with this law and applicable legislation. He also has the right to review administrative decisions that affect his rights and to know the information contained in any document related to him.

 The goal


1 - The right to access information in all fields available for publication


  Steps to submit an information request.