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  1. The conditions of website policy are applicable to use this site and accessing the information contained therein. However, by entering it, the use is considered to have agreed on all the terms and condition of the website policy. As the Expropriation for Public Welfare Dept has always been trying to provide accurate, complete and updated information, as well as the guarantee of getting affected with the result of accessing this website. However, this site as well as the services available therein even though checked and revised, there is not guarantee in this regard.
  2. The Expropriation for Public Welfare Dept is not responsible for any breakdown either resulted from accessing this site, the services directly available on the internet or the available information or due to your inability to use it, including any direct, indirect, special or sudden breakdowns as a result of a certain issue or as a punitive measure, and either it was due any breakdown in the system or otherwise, regardless of whether we openly informed of the possibility of the loss or a similar breakdown.
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  • For any legal purposes.
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  • A written approval is must from the Expropriation for Public Benefit Dept if this site is a target of a part of another site.
  • Prevent other internet users from access as it may make a risk to disable this site or affect the information there in or its operational programs.
  • Any stoppage, disruption or temporary breakdown or any other breakdown caused to the site or to the internet services or system, databases or any of their contents for any reason.
  • Any loss or damage with regard to the visitor information or any other information either directly or indirectly resulted from the breakdown of your system, systems of third party, electric cut, illegal access, theft of information or viruses caused to the computer, caused to our system, third party system or program breakdowns.
  • Any stoppage, breakdown or any other breakdown causing the items and services provided by the third party, without limits, including the third party systems like public telecommunication service providers, internet service providers, electric current providers and all the concerned agencies.
  • Any even that is beyond our control.

General terms & Conditions :

  1. The Expropriation for public benefit dept shall carry out the maintenance required for this website, and the website policy is subject to the rules of State of Kuwait and submits all the disputes resulted from it or related to the web policy to the exclusive jurisdiction of Kuwaiti courts and the Expropriation for public benefit dept is not responsible in case of using the contents of website in the places which are subject to their laws.
  2. All the registered and non registered copies, trademarks or any other intellectual property used as a part of this website are entrusted to Expropriation for public benefit dept or its licensers.
  3. The violation of the clauses of website policy will result will lead the Expropriation for public benefit dept, on its absolute judgment, to suspend, revoke or ban the entry to this site and disallow its access in future, and the Expropriation for public benefit dept reserves the right to find all the solutions available in the law on the basis of violation of the clauses of web policy.
  4. The Expropriation for public benefit dept reserves right to amend, suspend, revoke or stop issuance of any information or any services of this site including political clauses of the site at any time and without notice. You are also advised to go through the information available on this site including the website policy regularly.
  5. The website of Expropriation for public benefit dept contains electronic links managed by other parties. Hence, the Expropriation for public benefit dept doesn’t control such sites and, therefore is not responsible for their contents or performance. Similarly, the links available on this website don’t represent a reference or authorization to any of the agencies responsible for the links allowed by the Expropriation for public benefit dept to circulate the benefit from its contents only and inserting links to other websites doesn’t represent a declaration by the Dept to their contents, and therefore, the user is responsible for accessing this website along with its information.
  6. The website of Expropriation for public benefit dept commits to maintain the privacy and secrecy of the information and the data, including the personal data and it is prohibited to disclose them and will be wiped upon their completion.