Historical Evolution

Law number 33 for year 1964 issued to care about the expropriation and temporary seizure for the public benefit which states that creating an independent department called department of expropriation that follows municipality council. and the second article of the law states on appointing a manager under the emir decree whom will be accountable to the head of the Municipal Council , moreover setting the selected procedures of expropriation and the general committees in the department in line with the law article number (18) of Kuwait constitution as long as the private property is protected as the law does not prevent making use of the owners own property and the law does not allow the expropriate of the property unless for the public benefit as stated in the first article of law number 33 for the year 1964 as there shall not be any expropriate unless for the public benefit and in exchange for a reasonable compensation in accordance rules of the law.

And this procedure has been stated in most of the world countries constitutions which believes in the freedom of the individual to own property and the principle of protecting the private ownership.

Thus we see that the constitution of Kuwait have reinforce the principle of the individual right to own and protecting the private ownership through the statements of the constitution articles and the laws of the country.

There for the vision was so clear for the people in charge of the urban planning. So when they seizure private property with the intent of creating public projects after the evaluation of and compensate the owners in fair and satisfy way.

The establishment of Kuwait municipality

Kuwait Municipality was established in 15 of Dhu al-Qi'dah in the year 1348 AH which is equal to 13 of April 1930 AD and since its establishment the municipality has been practicing many important roles that is compatible with the simplicity of the Kuwaiti community in that time and the size old city
The tasks have included in that time the hygiene and the public health , transportation , social moral and the demolition of buildings and acquisition for the purpose of expansion and carry out the required improvements.

The first committee of evaluation

Formed the first evaluation committee in Kuwait and it included in its membership a elite group of Kuwaiti men and they are:-

  1. Khaled yousif al motawai
  2. Abdullah al sadhaan
  3. Abdul mehsen al kharafi
  4. Abdul aziz al zaham
  5. Abdul aziz al rasheed

The first evaluation process in Kuwait has been done on Saturday 14 of jumada al awwal of the year 1364 AH which equal 1948/3/24 AD where three houses were evaluated that day . The first council of construction it continued in this way until the establishment of the council of construction Which includes managers of departments in the financial and municipal and knowledge, health, works and times. And held the first hearings on the date of 1952/2/5 Where it was decided to complete the plans and the work area needed to organize the country. The council remained completing its tasks until the last hearings which hold number 472 date 1959/12/28 and its released the first version of Land acquisition statement on date 1952/2/12 for a property in al shamiya area . 

The establishment of evaluation Division

Evaluation division created within Department of Municipality which follows the technical section in managing the construction later on . on the other hand The area and organization use to follow the department of public works .successive evaluation committee continued its work in evaluating properties that are meant to seizure for the purpose of public projects which are offered by the head of the committee . Previously these committee also use to Consider requests for reconsideration in the estimation of the compensation given to the properties that have been expropriate.

Law number 2 for year 2006

law number 2 for year 2006 was issued in the matter of modifying some of the provisions of the law number 33 for the year 1964 in the matter of expropriation and temporary seizure for the public benefit as the law states to create an independent department that are attached to the ministry of finance and called department of expropriation and appointing a manager for the department under the emir decree whom will be accountable to the minister of finance and issued in the organizational structure of the department as a decision from the minister of finance moreover as it is stated in the mentioned law replacing the text of the article 2,5,6,8,9 of the law number 33 for the year 1964.

Honorary board of administration

The undersecretary of the ministries who led the expropriation management department for public benefit as the department have been honored in their leadership from 1964 until today are group of elite managers as following:-

  1. From 1964 to 1968 the deceased Hamad abdul lateef al Fares - undersecretary of the ministry .
  2. From 1969 to 1948 Mr. Torkey al ali al Torkey – undersecretary of the ministry.
  3. From 1988 to 2000 Mr. Mansour salem al nassar – assistance undersecretary of the ministry .
  4. From year 2001 until today Mr. Fahad Alshaela –undersecretary of the ministry .