Department's Achievements

  1. Reconstruction of our organization, to suit current and future position of our management .also to simplify procedures and develop performance for our employees.
  2. Simplifying procedures and amending work forms and automatically issuing them.
  3. Organizing management archive, which contains 38 thousand files, and issuing a generalization rating files, documents and borrowing mechanism.
  4. Organizing and renovating all financial records, and pricing notes (from 1947 till now).
  5. Organizing and renovating all financial transfers, and withdrawing notes and its historical serial.
  6. Developing our main hall, and placing special offices for elders and special needs.
  7. Issuing many guidance and enlightening publications, whether it’s legal, administrative or technical.
  8. Developing the expropriation data system.
  9. Issuing many generalizations and administrative decisions to organize and develop work.
  10. Establishing social, recreational and sportive activities for our employees to develop social communication among them.
  11. Issuing a magazine covering the activities and showing its role.
  12. Establishing a committee to choose the ideal employee and general creator and distinguished department to motivate employees and achieve best competition.
  13. Using the SMS service for our reviewers to complete their works, and remind of working committees meetings dates.
  14. Issuing legal guide for laws and legislations of ownership expropriation.
  15. Honoring retired employees as appreciation of their work services.
  16. Establishing an automatic system for general record.
  17.  Signing a contract for geographical information system (GIS) through cooperation with information center in Ministry of Finance.
  18. Completing construction and establishment drawing for project of management building in South Surra region through cooperation with Ministry of public works and its designing per newest building systems (Green Buildings System).
  19. Establishing a special library for expropriation management, and providing many legal, administrative and technical books and publications to serve our employees.
  20. Doing questionnaires to know service level of reviewers.
  21. Finishing all claims of ownership in cooperation with legal department in Kuwait Municipality and Fatwa and legislation in favor of the state.
  22. We are certified quality certificate in service, ISO 9001, July / 2013.
  23. We scored third position in Kuwait prize for transparency and general reformation for 2014 which is organized by Kuwait Transparency Society under care of respectable prime minister, and first position in reviewers and hidden reviewer prize among (53) governmental participating authorities.
  24. Supervising fifty years celebration of establishing the expropriation for public welfare department.