Visit to the location of the new department building

A delegation from the department of expropriation have made a field visit to the location of the new department  building  located in  south surra area , headed by the general manager of the department of expropriation for public benefit-undersecretary of the ministry  MR. Fahad Al-shualah and the attendance of a number of managers  and specialists to see the latest developments of the project and they were received by assistant undersecretary  of construction projects sector at the ministry of public works, Mr. ghaleb Al-shammari and a number of engineers supervising the implementation of the building. As it been clear that the percentage of the project completion is 79% and it is estimated that the building will be complete and received from the ministry of public works in May 2018 

The project is located in the south of Al-Sura area, the government uses area. The project area is 4670 m2. The building consists of 3 basements and 9 floors (with a total building area of 14400 m2). The project cost was KD 9.980 million.

it is worth mentioning that the sourth surra expropriation department new building is the first intelligent and environmentally friendly government building in Kuwait and awarded the GSAS-QSAS certification as it have adopted the use of solar energy as a solution to provide alternative energy source for the building which can improve the reduction of electricity consumption in addition to that a dynamic system has been implemented to recycle the water used in the building which contribute to improve the efficiency of the building usage and activate its contribution to preserving the environment

in the conclusion , MR. Fahad Al-shualah expressed his thanks and appreciation to all the engineers , supervisors and workers on the project who are doing their best to complete the project in a according to the schedule